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Changed the rules around a bit. From now on, all introduction posts are to be put in comment form on this post. Don't worry, I'll put everyone who already filled it out here for you :)

Nickname: Katrinaro
Why you want to join: discussion = fun
Favorite LOST character: Sayid
Favorite LOST episode: Confidence Man

Nickname: Willicus
Why you want to join: i got theories and want to hear others
Favorite LOST character: either Locke or Sayid
Favorite LOST episode: the last one was quite good

Nickname: Tjolie/Tammy
Why you want to join: I love Lost. It's the kind of show you just have to discuss.
Favorite LOST character: Sawyer, Locke, and Hurley
Favorite LOST episode: Walkabout

Nickname: Divka
Why you want to join: The show deserves to be debated! There's a lot to talk about...
Favorite LOST character: Charlie and Sayid
Favorite LOST episode: "Walkabout." It was the first episode I saw of the show, and the one that convinced me to start watching obsessively.

Nickname:Tony's worked for me this far
Why you want to join:because not only is LOST rock awesome but it helps to get everyone's POV
Favorite LOST character:Sawyer, the guy everyone loves to hate, and Charlie and Hurley of course
Favorite LOST episode:Episode 9 - Solitary

Nickname: Aidenfire
Why you want to join: Lost is wonderful, and I love talking about it.
Favorite LOST character: Sawyer, probably. I like Sayid too, though.
Favorite LOST episode: Oh, wow. Um. I actually really liked Tabula Rasa.

Nickname: Curley Green
Why you want to join: Love intelligent conversations about art—and I consider well done television—like LOST—to be art.
Favorite LOST character: Sayid.
Favorite LOST episode: It’s hard. I suppose “Solitary,” but there have been a number of good ones. Otherwise I wouldn’t still be watching.

Nickname: Just my real name- Rachel :D
Why you want to join: I love Lost with an obsessive passion and I love debating the mysteries in it!
Favorite LOST character: Well I love them all in their special ways, but I think Sawyer and Charlie are my favorites for now
Favorite LOST episode: I simply love the Pilot episodes :)

Nickname: Kai
Why you want to join: Because I love arguing about Lost, and it will be especially fun with people who actually love it as much as I do as opposed to my friends at school who only watch because I make them. ^.^
Favorite LOST character: Charlie
Favorite LOST episode: 1x11 it was so very close to being my least favorite though, ;)

Nickname: Ever After
Why you want to join: I love Lost and I love to debate ;)
Favorite LOST character: Shannon
Favorite LOST episode: 13 and 15 can't decide


Nickname: SIVA
Why you want to join: because I LOVE LOST! plus I'm co-mod ^_^
Favorite LOST character: SAWYER AND BOONE! *heart*
Favorite LOST episode: definitely a tie between Pilot, part 2 and Hearts and Minds

and last but not!

Nickname: Alex
Why you want to join: I made this community lol
Favorite LOST character: Sawyer
Favorite LOST episode: hmmm I can't choose!!!!

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